10 Terrifying two-sentence horror stories PART 2

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How-To: Knit a Working Circuit





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Adaptive Survival Clothing

Textile project by Jacqueline Nanne makes woollen fabric adaptable to different temperatures (thanks to sensitive memory wire) - video embedded below:

Using the great temperature and moisture regulation properties of wool and our own body as inspiration, fabrics were desiged that adapt to the temperature of the human body and the environment. The focus lies on the context of survival, as clothing plays a big role in staying alive in the wilderness. When on survival, one often adds or removes layers of clothing to keep a comfortable temperature. This design is intended to decrease the number of times one has to stop to change clothing, and keep comfortable when for instance taking a break or when ascending a mountain.

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Save Dobby!

Save Dobby!



I wanted to double check that “The Cherry on Top” was a short novel or novella and I found this on uphillwriting.org. I think it’s very informative and hopefully you guys will find it useful!

Pretty helpful! 

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You’re Welcome.

You’re Welcome.

Unethical Life Hacks

Unethical Life Hacks